Canadian Gypsum

Largest manufacturers of all types of Canadian gypsum drywall board, and plaster gypsum board.

Venetian Plaster

Lime and synthetic plasters support the demand for European architecture and high-end aesthetics. Their performance advantages are likely to keep the them around for generations to come.

Diamond Veneer

One and two coat systems.
Can be sand aggregated and color can be added.

Cement Plaster

Type ten cement and sand aggregated plaster over expanded metal lathe.

Wood Lathe Plaster

Wood with a base and finish coat of plaster over the wood lathe ready for base coat finished top coat.

Wire Lathe Plaster

Wire fastened to framing studs, cement and sand plaster scratch and brown coat with decorative finish.

Brown Coat

Final base coat, usually the second coat of a two part base coat, scratch and brown coat over wire lath, brown coat is second coat left ready for decorative finish.

Other Plaster Materials

Structolite, fast sets, concrete fills, and joint filling compounds

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