Self inspection will ensure quality workmanship.

During the sixties and seventies you could not start taping or finishing the job site until the official boarding inspection had been passed.

The inspectors checked closely the screw spacing and that the board was screwed down well, and this should not be overlooked today, without inspections to ensure that the job is ready to move forward. If the interior walls are being glued pay close attention to how the  glue is applied, it should be applied over the entire framing and not in little dabs in the field of the sheet as it states on the packaging of the glue. This inspection should be the responsibility of the construction manager or home owner.

Pre-filling gaps.

After boarding is completed, before taping, any gaps that from a distance appear as dark lines must be pre-filled as these gaps cannot be filled just by taping, compound must be squeezed in to ensure the gaps are filled. This is one of the most important procedures because it is the foundation to all the finishing and should be inspected for completion to the Canadian standards.

The taping procedure.

The manager must ensure that whoever is taping is using enough compound on the tape to saturate the tape properly and fill the voids. In the early sixties this process was stipulated on high-end government contracts absolutely no hand-taping (taping jigs) due to not having control over the amount of compound the applicator is using and in order for them to maximize speed they would cut back on the amount of compound. taping without enough compound os the leading cause of beading, a raised line that shows up in the wall or ceiling.

Corner bead installations.

All corner bead by the manufacturers and Canadian standards suggest the bead is to have solid sheeting behind it and the bead should be bedded in compound to provide a solid corner.

This is the foundation to all the finishing, if any of these procedures have not been carried out in full the finish will likely fail.

This is why we strongly suggest self inspection, to ensure the quality of workmanship is up to the Canadian standards.

From this point on the finishing can be completed to the level desired.

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