15 Reasons to choose Veneer Plaster Board over drywall board


    1. 4-5 times longer lifespan than drywall
    2. More abrasion and impact resistant
    3. More moisture resistant
    4. More sag resistant
    5. It is harder and screws down to wood frame constructions better
    6. Less screw popping
    7. Will accept thick fills when straightening your substrates
    8. A base for veneer plaster finishing
    9. Designed for one and two coat veneer plaster systems
    10. 3 paper layers, one chemically treated to form a barrier against moisture penetration thus reducing softening of the core preventing sagging when thick filling is necessary.
    11. Less off gassing
    12. Can be taped and finished with drywall compounds
    13. Plaster compounds are better due to being moisture resistant, much harder, and much more impact and abrasion resistant
    14. Finishing over plaster board is the same as finishing over drywall, there is a level 1-5 and even a level 6, and can be painted the same as drywall but without using a finish plaster
    15. More suited to rodding and feather edging due to its ability to reduce softening of the gypsum core in straightening substrates.

    using the same procedures as drywalling, using plaster board and plaster compounds you can achieve a much higher durability and overall quality finish with a lifespan 4-5 times longer than regular drywall.

These are photos of plaster board finished with a mix of drywall and plaster compounds to create curves.

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